Genius Second Grader Finishes Times Tables Seconds Before Classmates

DES PLAINES, ILL–Second grader Nate McIntosh stunned his classmates earlier this week when he finished his times tables a good eight, maybe nine, seconds faster than anyone else in class.

“It was really cool," reported classmate Jenny Love.

Bystanders noted that after finishing his worksheet, McIntosh coolly walked to the front of the room and placed his paper on Miss Baldwin’s desk before returning to his seat, a look of boredom upon his face.

“I didn’t know what to do with all of my spare time,” McIntosh told his peers during recess. “I was so bored waiting for everyone else to finish.” 

McIntosh, who previously only had one or two friends in class, has seen his status quickly upgraded.

“We might only be in second grade,” said McIntosh, “but right now I’m flying in first class.”

McIntosh’s presence has been highly sought after at both recess and lunch alike, where different cliques fight over who gets to hang out with him. “Generally, I just alternate between groups,” said McIntosh. “That way everybody gets some time with the Math Master.”

“I never realized he was so smart,” said a googly-eyed Maria Hernandez while hanging upside down from the monkey bars. “He’s so-so-so cute! Do you think he’d sit with me at lunch?”

Classmate Cassandra Dix, who was previously considered to be the best math student in Miss Baldwin’s class, is far from smitten.

“Nate McIntosh thinks he is so smart,” said Dix, refusing to look up from her workbook as she frantically studied multiples of four. “But I’ll show him next week.”

The children’s homeroom and math teacher, Olivia Baldwin, is far less impressed.

“Are the kids still going on about that? Really?” asked Baldwin. “Nate may have turned in his worksheet before anyone else, but he forgot to do the backside. He actually got a failing grade.”

No word yet as to how McIntosh will handle the news.

This is a developing story.