We Love "Love, Z" (Book Review)

“That’s a really good story.” –My two-year-old bibliophile

Love Z _AReview_foreshadowboxerDOTcom.JPG

I honestly don’t know what to say about author/illustrator Jessie Sima’s Love, Z that wasn’t already captured so succinctly by my daughter, so how about if I instead tell you what my husband and I BOTH said after we read the book for the first time?

That’s right: one simultaneous “Awwww!” moments before our daughter said “Read it again, please.”

It really is a darling story. It tells the tale of a little robot who finds a message in a bottle. Most of the letter is too smudged to read, but Z can make out the words “Love, Beatrice” at the very bottom. But little Z doesn’t know what love is, so the robot embarks on a quest to find out.

Love Z _BReview_foreshadowboxerDOTcom.JPG

Friends, family and followers of my blog know I have a soft spot for cute robots, particularly since I draw one myself (though I’ll be the first to admit mine isn’t as cute as Z). But you don’t have to have a predisposition for sentient robots to enjoy Love, Z’s adorable illustrations and heartwarming tale.

Highly recommended for kids 2-8. Whether they’re learning to ascribe words to their emotions; they’re starting to read on their own; or you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day present that is on-point, super sweet and sugar-free: Love, Z is for you.