Passengers hope Hudson News employee has a great flight

DENVER, Co–Hudson News employee Jasmine James is stocking up on good karma near gate B-32 at Denver International Airport.

"On any given day, I'd say at least four dozen passengers say 'You, too' after I end the transaction with 'Thank you, have a great flight.' Most cashiers take this as a sign that no one is really paying attention, but it means something to me."



Passenger Matthew Scott was one such customer today. Scott was stocking up on Coca Cola and Goldfish crackers when he inadvertently told James he hoped she had a great flight.

"I was looking at my phone to see if my flight was still on schedule," said Scott. "The clerk said something as she handed me my receipt, and I just assumed she said 'Have a great day,' so I said 'You, too.' It wasn't until I walked away that I realized she'd said, 'Have a great flight.'"

"It was embarrassing," he added. "I walked back to Hudson News to clarify, but the clerk seemed really upset. She said she was sorry to hear I was taking back my well wishes, but so long as I was there, she was going to take back hers as well. It was really weird."

James estimated that passengers have told her they hope she has a great flight no fewer than 60,000 times over the course of her three years as a cashier at various airport retail establishments. She's hopeful that all of those well wishes will eventually pay off.

"I've never flown anywhere, but I'd like to visit my family in Indianapolis one day," said James. "If all goes as expected, my flight will leave early, there won't be a single child on the plane and I'll get bumped up to first class due to a booking error. It's going to be amazing – and it's all thanks to the cumulative well-wishes I've received these past few years."