Chicagoans hosting "Back to the Future II" viewing parties in record numbers

The documentary, "Back to the Future II: Electric Boogaloo," catalogs a 2015 World Series championship for the Cubs

The documentary, "Back to the Future II: Electric Boogaloo," catalogs a 2015 World Series championship for the Cubs

CHICAGO, Ill.–Can Hollywood predict the future? An entire city–with the exception of a few sour grapes scattered around U.S. Cellular Field–hopes so. 

In fact, Chicagoans have been watching, and re-watching, "Back to the Future II"  en masse. The 1989 time-traveling film predicts a 2015 World Series win for the Cubs, odd timing considering the Cubs actually have a chance to make it to the big game for the first time since 1945. It's this coincidence–or proof of fate, according to some–that has inspired fans to throw viewing parties around the city. 

Andersonville resident Ty Clearwater, 42, hosted one such event.

"I wouldn't call it a viewing party, per se," said Clearwater. "It was more like a prophetic glimpse into our very near future."

"I'd call it a legitimate voodoo ritual," countered party attendee Mack Chase. "I mean, this isn't JUST some movie–it predicts the Cubs win the 2015 World Series, something they haven't accomplished in 107 years. But the film also predicts the rise of the hoverboard–which Lexus unveiled earlier this year–and the advent of Pepsi Perfect, which is also releasing this year. It's the Cubbies' turn to demonstrate the prophetic nature of our Lord and Savior, Marty McFly."

When asked if he has considered that perhaps Lexus and Pepsi intentionally released those items this year precisely because of McFly's time traveling adventure to the year 2015, Chase's mood took a dark turn.

"How dare you question this film's power," he said. "'Back to the Future II' isn't the comedy science fiction it's often mistaken as–it's a documentary."

But even Chase admits a potential World Series win can't be left to the hands of Hollywood alone. Chase and Clearwater have taken it upon themselves and their shamanistic power to help lead the Cubs to victory. Both have "Back to the Future II" playing on a loop in their living room, and each admits to having a row of candles surrounding their TV.

"I don't let my kids watch anything else right now," said Chase. "If it ain't the Cubs or 'Back to the Future II,' we're not watching it."

Chase and Clearwater believe so devoutly in the movie's spiritual power that they have created a church in its honor. They've even filed paperwork with the State of Illinois to give their organization–which they are tentatively calling "The Church of Future Day Saint McFly"–501(c) nonprofit status. 

"My only regret is that my second favorite Cubs film, 'Rookie of the Year,' has yet to come to fruition," said Clearwater. "But with prayer and sacrifice to Saint McFly, next year we'll have a 12-year-old ace pitcher who will put even [Cubs starter] Jake Arrieta to shame."