These Child Actors Grew Up

Think your favorite child actors are frozen in time? Think again! It doesn’t matter how many times you rewatch Goonies or Jerry Macguire, chances are most – if not all – of those adorable young faces are all grown up. Don’t believe us? Check out this recap of some of Hollywood’s most precious younglings.

Harry Potter
Think this boy wizard has the elixir of life? Think again, dummy! The sorcerer's stone was destroyed years ago and, with it, Harry Potter's chance of eternal youth.



Kevin McCallister
This is my childhood, and I have to defend it. But watching the film every year won't keep Kevin, or you, from growing up. Or haven’t you seen Home Alone 2?



Punky Brewster
It’s true, reader. Punky Brewster betrayed your trust and eventually got her period. Grodie! 





Think Data is still a kid just because you watched Goonies last night? That does not compute.





Little Girl in E.T.
Nobody knows what this girl’s name is in real life, but chances are she eventually flashed her chest on late night T.V. because – guess what – sources estimate E.T. was released more than 15 years ago!




Michelle Tanner
The only bombshell bigger than realizing little Michelle couldn’t stay little forever is learning that the show’s producers actually had two actresses playing her. Can you believe that?!




Kevin Arnold
There’s no way of knowing what this kid from Wonder Years is up to now, but we bet he's somehow stuck in the daily grind.





Baby Sinclair
I don’t know what you learned in school, but even baby dinosaurs grow up eventually. Rumor has it Baby Sinclair now owns and operates a chain of gas stations across the western half of the U.S. If that's not proof that he's "not the baby" any more, we don't know what is.



If you thought this little guy looked hideous when he was fed after midnight, you should see him now!




Maggie Simpson
Even this adorable doll has to grow up eventually. Right?